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Introducing Rapé Tsunu – a powerful and ancient blend of Rapé, originating from the indigenous tribes of the Amazon. Rapé, pronounced “ha-peh” or “rapay”, translates to “powder of the ancestors” and has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. The main ingredient in Rapé Tsunu is the ashes from the Tsuni or Platycyamus Regnellii tree.

The Power of Tsuni – The Tsuni tree is considered sacred by the indigenous tribes and when its bark is burned, it releases various alkaloids that possess healing properties. Tsunu, originally named by the Yawanawa tribe, has a long history in traditional medicine as a cure for fever and an ingredient in the treatment of malaria.

Benefits of Rapé Tsunu

  • Provides clarity, focus and concentration
  • Gives a sense of grounding
  • Dispels negative thoughts and bad vibrations
  • Aromatic and smooth

Experience the healing power of Rapé Tsunu and discover the benefits for yourself. Add it to your cart today!


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