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Discover the powerful healing properties of Rapé Paricá, a natural product used by indigenous groups in the Western Amazon of Brazil for centuries, specifically the Yawanawa Tribe . Made from the sacred Paricá plant, this snuff powder has been traditionally used in sacred ceremonies, traditional medicine, and for treating both physical and spiritual ailments.

Cleanse and purify your thoughts with Rapé Paricá, promoting a positive impact on how you perceive life. This powder is ideal for creative processes, helping to strengthen your ability to invent or imagine. It’s also perfect for meditation and for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or negative thoughts.

Benefits of Rapé Paricá

  • Analgesic: Alleviates headaches and promotes calmness
  • Promotes a positive mood and changes in thought patterns
  • Cleanses negative energies

Experience the transformative power of Rapé Paricá for yourself and discover a new way of perceiving the world. Order now and elevate your spiritual and physical well-being.


10g, 20g, 30g


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Rapé Parica
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