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Experience the power and healing of nature with our Rapé Nissural snuff powder. This particular blend is made by the Kaxinawa Tribe .

Our Rapé Nissural has several benefits, such as increased strength and spiritual healing. In addition:

  • Combats physical fatigue
  • Acts as a prevention of bone loss in the skeleton
  • Helps with digestion and weight loss
  • Combats colds and flu
  • Detoxifies the liver and regulates cholesterol
  • Helps balance intestinal flora
  • Helps naturally combat cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory for joints

With its natural ingredients, Rapé Nissural is the perfect choice for those looking for a healthy and holistic alternative to traditional snuff powders. Try it today and experience the benefits for yourself.


10g, 20g, 30g


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Rapé Nissural
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