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Introducing our premium Rapé Jatoba snuff powder, made from the finest Orbignya Plalerata which is a palm tree native to the rain forest. This natural product is not only strong and medicinal, but also helps treat gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses.

Medicinal Properties:

  • Anxiolytic: Like other medicinal plants such as passionflower or valerian, it produces a calming effect, primarily impacting the nervous system.
  • High in Magnesium: A mineral with medicinal properties that improve brain performance, memory, and the ability to retain memories.
  • Amazonian plant rich in vitamins and proteins: A powder food for the soul and body.

Rapé Jatoba is a strong, medicinal snuff powder that offers a unique combination of energy needed to start your day and the calming effect necessary to face life’s challenges. It helps focus and improve brain performance. Sourced from the Amazon rainforest, our Rapé Jatoba is rich in vitamins and proteins, making it not only good for your body but also your soul. Try our premium Rapé Jatoba snuff powder today and experience the benefits for yourself.


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Rapé Jatobá
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